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New Proclamation 2016

To our principal, teachers and fellow students:

As students of St. Mary’s Central School we hope these changes will have a positive effect on the Irish people for many years ahead and ensure Ireland becomes a brighter and successful country in the future.

  • For the future of Ireland we hope for a better welfare system to tackle the homeless problem. Refurbish abandoned estates and properties. We want guaranteed happiness and equal living standards for all residents in the Republic of Ireland.

  • We also hope as a nation we can reduce obesity which has become a huge problem today. We suggest that (a)  a sugar tax should be introduced (b) at least one hour of PE should be performed every week in each school in Ireland (c) every child must get involved in at least one type of sport outside of school in their local community.

  • We need to see an increase in security and a decrease in crime and an increase in the number of  gardaí in rural areas.

  • More job opportunities to be created in all sectors which would in turn benefit the Irish economy.

  • As for our Healthcare system we would like to see an increase in the number of available beds in our hospitals, more healthcare staff and furthermore better equipment.

  • Irish citizens deserve equal opportunities by decreasing college fees and reducing the cost of student accommodation.

  • We also wish for better infrastructure. More money needs to be invested into the county council to increase staffing rates, improve machines and ultimately have better roads – No More Potholes! Rivers need to be cleaned, make more flood defences and ensure flood victims are entitled to insurance.
  • Farmers need to be rewarded for high quality milk.

  • Renewable energy needs to become an important focus in future governments.

  • We hope for Internet access for all areas especially in rural Ireland.

  • Equal rights is very important to us; we endeavour to have equal rights, civil liberty, equal opportunities and ensure racism is abolished .

As Junior Citizens of Ireland we hope that all of the above important points will be carried out to ensure a better future for the Irish Nation.

Signed on behalf of St. Mary’s Central School.

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